Automation Services for Dentists

Technology at the service of dentists

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work. And it can help dentists work easier and better.

All dentists suffer from a lack of qualified staff to carry out non-treatment related procedures such as administration, responding to patient enquiries and managing patients after the treatment. AI Agents can take on a big part of this workload and make your practice more efficient and successful. Patients will be more satisfied.

The Dentist’s Marketing Agency understands how AI technology can help dentists. We can deploy and manage bespoke AI Agents to your dental practice that will fill the gaps in your administrative processes

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AI gives you a team without the cost and time of managing it

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Staff Training

improve the quality of your team

Staff turnover is a huge problem at most dental practices. And yet it is important for staff to be well-informed about your dental services and practices. We can deploy and manage an AI Agent that will help train new staff based on your specific work practices, the dental services you provide and the protocols you follow.

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Options: Human oversight of the training process, 7/7 support, regular updates of the AI Agent with your new services.

Patient Enquiries

respond in time and accurately

Responding fast and clearly to new patient enquiries is essential to give a good first impression of your dental practice. We can deploy and manage a series of AI Agents that respond to patient enquiries.

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Options: Human oversight of the sales process, 7/7 support, regular updates of the AI Agent with your new pricing and services.

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Administrative Tasks

efficiency and precision

Preparing patients documents before and after the dental treatment takes a lot of time. We can automatically produce the documentation before the treatment as well as the dental report and the invoice afterwards.

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Options: Human oversight of the AI Agent, 7/7 support, regular updates of the AI Agent with new administrative tasks.

AI Automation Consultation

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The Dentist’s Marketing Agency brings marketing and technology solutions to dentists, however small their dental practice.

We operate a pay-as-you-go model to reduce costs and complement your team whenever needed.

Our automation services fill the gaps in your team. From small administrative tasks to communication with new or existing patients after treatment we can help you improve the results of your dental practice. And we can train your staff to be more efficient with the use of AI tools.

A member of our team will contact you on WhatsApp or by email. They will ask about your requirements and will recommend the best solutions to improve the performance of your dental practice. After the call they will provide a list of the best options for your dental practice with an exact quote and timeline for realisation.

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