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Content creation is the most cost-effective form of advertising. Patients trust real and authentic content more than advertising. Video is the most effective type of content. But, photo and text based content supports and complements video to give a complete strategy based on content creation.

The Dentist’s Marketing Agency specialises in content creation. Video, photo, text articles and design creatives for a website or advertising we do it all. And we produce it to be cost-effective to increase new patient enquiries over the long term. We make affordable with a fast turn around to meet the needs of all dentists even small dental practices and individual dentists.

Content creation is the most effective way to build a successful dental practice in the long term

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Tell your story

We produce videos in all the formats for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram that can be used for advertising and on your website.

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Brand image

We take your photos and edit them to look sharp. We add your branding and contact details to use them for advertising and on social networks

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Improve your image

Our design team produces creatives to be used for advertising on Google and as social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and more.

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Demonstrate your technique

We write text-based articles with photos to explain your technique to patients and demonstrate your know-how to colleague dentists.

Content Creation Consultation

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The Dentist’s Marketing Agency brings marketing and technology solutions to dentists, however small their dental practice.

We operate a pay-as-you-go model to reduce costs and complement your team whenever needed.

Our content creation services help you show your results to new patients in 5 languages. They enhance your image and improve your advertising results to increase the number of enquiries. We can demonstrate your know-how with videos. We provide design services for website, landing pages and ad creatives. And we can write articles to explain a treatment plan.

A member of our team will contact you on WhatsApp or by email. They will ask about your requirements and will recommend the best solutions to improve the performance of your dental practice. After the call they will provide a list of the best options for your dental practice with an exact quote and timeline for realisation.

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