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Develop your dental practice

Spending money on advertising is essential to have a constant stream of new patients and develop a successful dental practice over the long term. 

But, how much money should you? Where should you spend it? And could you spend it better? There are many choices for a dentist to advertise. Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as well as many specific platforms for dentists. All have advantages and risks. The decision on how much to spend on which advertising platform depends on your objectives, your budget and your capacity to manage each ad campaign in a cost-effective way.

The Dentist’s Marketing Agency helps you make the right choice for advertising and developing your dental practice. We help you avoid losing money and wasting time discovering each platform. We take into account your expectations and budget. No budget is too small because we cater for small dental practices and individual dentists. Contact us for a detailed consultation.

Advertising the right way is essential to create a successful dental practice

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Google Ads

Increase enquiries

For advertising on Google we share our experience with Google Search and Display Ads and YouTube video ads and Google Business Profile including Google Maps.

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Advertising and branding

Facebook is both a social media and advertising platform. It can be a cost effective way to develop your dental practice. We can use the full potential of the Facebook platform.

Advertising Consultation

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The Dentist’s Marketing Agency brings marketing and technology solutions to dentists, however small their dental practice.

We operate a pay-as-you-go model to reduce costs and complement your team whenever needed.

Our Advertising Services cover Google, Facebook and other dentist specific advertising platforms. All our advertising services can be tailored to the specific requirements of your dental practice. We can set up ad campaigns in 5 languages, create video advertising campaigns and make recommendations to improve the return on advertising spend and increase new patient enquiries. We can also train your team.

A member of our team will contact you on WhatsApp or by email. They will ask about your requirements and will recommend the best solutions to improve the performance of your dental practice. After the call they will provide a list of the best options for your dental practice with an exact quote and timeline for realisation.

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    Some questions…

    To help us prepare for the call you can send us additional information:

    • The size and location of your dental practice
    • Where are your patients from?
    • What are your objectives?
    • What are your marketing and human resource needs?
    • How can we help you develop your dental practice: marketing, advertising, video production, social media management, staff training, automation of administrative processes, more patient enquiries and more new patients…?

    Dentist FAQ Facebook

    Answers to Questions from Dentists on advertising

    The Dentist’s Marketing Agency specializes in the set up and management of advertising campaigns on the most common advertising platforms for dentists: Google, Facebook, Instagram and other specific dental-related websites. We help dentists advertise the right way to maximise the return on your advertising spend in the long term.

    Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions by dentists about advertising.

    What is the average budget?

    Advertising requires a budget for the ads but also requires human resources to produce good design creatives whether text, image or video. We can help you set a budget that covers the full cost including ad budget, human resources and production of ad creatives. It is possible to run advertising campaigns cleverly on a small budget to be cost-effective.

    What is the timeline to see results?

    Depending on the ad platform you can see fast results within 24-48 hours. But to see real long term results for your dental practice in the form of a regular flow of patients you need to manage the campaigns and optimize them continually to improve the profitability of the campaigns to gain new patients at lower cost.

    Can I target my competition?

    Yes, with most ad platforms you can target your competition. Depending on the ad platform we can advise on the best tactics and recommend a budget that meets your objectives to target your competitors.

    Do you produce creative graphics?

    Yes, The Dentist’s Marketing Agency produces a broad range of image and video that can be used to advertise on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We create all the different image and video formats. All graphics and video have your branding and contact details to increase patient enquiries.