Design Services for Dentists

Good design attracts new patients

Design is the first impression a patient has of your dental practice. A good design of your website, your advertising creatives and the landing page help him make up his mind.

The Dentist’s Marketing Agency has a design team that creates effective creatives to give a positive image of your dental practice and increase patient enquiries. Our design creatives can also be used for effective advertising campaigns and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, X Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Design of your website and ad creatives are the first impression a patient has of your dental practice


impress with your results

A simple, easy and cost-effective way to show your results. We create a video from photos with a commentary explaining the treatment plan with a focus on the result. It is an ideal for short-form video. We can create many for you with a fast turn around.

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Options: Multilingual website in 5 languages, integration with social media platforms and advertising strategy. Training for staff to update website with new content.

landing page dental implant

Landing Page

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Each dentist has his own technique. How To videos are a longer format that explains in more detail your technique. It demonstrates to patients and dentists your experience by presenting your methodology. It enhances your reputation amongst your colleagues and appeals to potential new patients.

We produce the video based on photos and videos. We edit them with your commentary to create a unique movie of the patient’s treatment. Building over time a catalogue of your videos enables you to build your legacy to your speciality in dentistry.

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Options: Multilingual landing pages in 5 languages. Tailored to each advertising campaign. Training for staff to update pages.

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Ad Creatives

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Patient testimonials are important to convince new patients. Your patients tell their story and give a genuine review of their experience and the long term results.

We contact your patients on your behalf and carry out the interview. We edit it and post it online on your website and social media pages as well as YouTube. We can also use it for advertising your dental practice.

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Options: Design creatives in 5 languages. Brand strategy. Logo design.

Design Consultation

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The Dentist’s Marketing Agency brings marketing and technology solutions to dentists, however small their dental practice.

We operate a pay-as-you-go model to reduce costs and complement your team whenever needed.

Our design services can be adapted to your needs. We can do a one-off design of a new website or produce regular creatives to post weekly on Facebook. All design creative formats can be produced in 5 languages. We can post the creatives for you or set them up in an advertising campaign. And we can also train your team to use the creatives.

A member of our team will contact you on WhatsApp or by email. They will ask about your requirements and will recommend the best solutions to improve the performance of your dental practice. After the call they will provide a list of the best options for your dental practice with an exact quote and timeline for realisation.

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    To help us prepare for the call you can send us additional information:

    • The size and location of your dental practice
    • Where are your patients from?
    • What are your objectives?
    • What are your marketing and human resource needs?
    • How can we help you develop your dental practice: marketing, advertising, video production, social media management, staff training, automation of administrative processes, more patient enquiries and more new patients…?

    Dentist FAQ Video Marketing

    Answers to Questions from Dentists about video production and marketing

    The Dentist’s Marketing Agency specializes in the video production and marketing for dentists. Whatever the budget or target audience, we help dentists set up, manage and regularly upload new videos to YouTube in a cost-effective way. YouTube is now essential to achieve long term notoriety and success. We can train your team to provide content and manage your YouTube channel successfully.

    Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions by dentists regarding video production and marketing.

    Do I need special video equipment?

    No, you do not need video equipment to provide us with material in order to produce quality videos for you. A mobile phone is enough. All you need is an assistant to film and take pictures whilst you are working. We will explain in detail how to take good photos and video.

    What is the cost for producing video?

    The cost is low and affordable even for the smallest dental practice. We produce fast and effective videos that have the maximum results with limited production facilities and budget. With us you save on production costs to invest in video advertising on YouTube that will bring you more new patients.

    How do I promote my videos?

    We help you by producing and promoting your videos. We can teach a member of your team how to manage your YouTube channel to increase views and direct enquiries to acquire new patients..

    Can I brand my videos?

    Yes, all the videos we produce for you will have your branding and contact details. The purpose of the videos is to increase enquiries from potential new patients and enhance your reputation.