Pricing for Google Ads Campaign Services

Google Ads is the leading advertising on the internet. It has greater reach and scope than any other online advertising tool. And Google Ads can give individual dentists an advantage over larger dental clinics. But the options are many and the risks of making a mistake can cost a lot of money. It is also a complex tool that has changed in recent times.

The Dentist’s Marketing Agency help you navigate through the opportunities and pitfalls of advertising on Google as a dentist. Using it the right way will also save you lots of money and increase your return on investment in advertising.

google ads services

Campaign Setup

Setup + Training

  • 3 Campaigns
  • 1 Language
  • Strategy & Budget
  • Landing pages

We help you define a strategy for Google Ads, define a budget and timeline. We set up the campaigns and landing pages for long-term results.

Additional Options:
Multiple languages
More campaigns
Support with management
Staff training


one-off payment ex. VAT


Setup + Management + Optimization

  • 3 Campaigns
  • 1 Language
  • Management
  • Optimization

We set up and mange your Google Ads campaigns. We optimize the campaigns to increase conversions for more patient enquiries.

Additional Options:
Multiple languages
More campaigns
Ad creatives
Staff training


per month ex. VAT


Google Ads Review

  • Setup check
  • Campaign targeting
  • Objectives Vs. Implementation

A full audit of your Google Ads campaigns. We provide a list of recommendations to make improvements.

Additional Options:
Implementation of the recommendations.


one-off payment ex. VAT

Google Ads Consultation

ask for a free consultation for Google Ads Campaign Services

The Dentist’s Marketing Agency brings marketing and technology solutions to dentists, however small their dental practice.

We operate a pay-as-you-go model to reduce costs and complement your team whenever needed.

The Google Ads Campaign Services can be tailored to your requirements including campaign set up and management in 5 languages, image and video creatives, landing page performance improvements and staff training.

A member of our team will contact you on WhatsApp or by email. They will ask about your requirements and will recommend the best solutions to improve the performance of your dental practice. After the call they will provide a list of the best options for your dental practice with an exact quote and timeline for realisation.

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    • The size and location of your dental practice
    • Where are your patients from?
    • What are your objectives?
    • What are your marketing and human resource needs?
    • How can we help you develop your dental practice: marketing, advertising, video production, social media management, staff training, automation of administrative processes, more patient enquiries and more new patients…?